Typically known for his food photography, this promo book for DICK PATRICK brings his ability to capture emotional and impactful images of people to life.

The primary subject matter of this promo are gospel singers from an Oak Cliff, Texas church. Dick captured the emotions of the singers in his photographs. This intangible aspect lead to the concept of combining the photos of the singers with abstract and ancient symbols taken from alchemy, various religions, and long forgotten cultures. The meaning of these symbols was combined with the photographs to add multi-layers of meaning and conceptual thought to the images. Gloss and matte varnishes are also used to add to the depth of the images and symbols to creates an additional visual stimuli for the viewer.

With the exception of the promo's introduction page and an index of the meaning for symbols, there are no words used within the pages of the book itself. The singer's emotions and the symbols attributed to them allow the viewer to be taken on a journey that is beyond words.

Work done while employed by BRANDCORY.