The DSVC is a Dallas, Texas based design organization consists of members from the many facets of the creative design industry in Dallas.

The organization seeks to encourage their members to push the bounds of their particular creative field.

Several ways the DSVC does this is by bringing in speakers who are top in their field to share their expertise, encouraging local design and ad agencies to create memorable designs for their events, and hosts The Dallas Show... a celebration of and recognition for local and regional design and advertising agencies.

Poster design for guest speakers Brian French from FRENCH PAPER COMPANY and Nick Sambrato founder of MAMA'S SAUCE. The theme of the event was called "PRINT MATTERS". The concept of the illustration is a character that combines the idea of the paper (the head on the left), the printer (the head on the right), and the client or designer (the belly) all combining their powers and expertise to keep print alive and relevant.

(Freelance illustration and design done for the DSVC)

Poster design for guest speaker Chris Hill the founder of the Creative Summit. The design and illustration conceptually brings together the idea of Mr. Hill's mission to bring creative and talented designers together to push the bounds of their creativity.

The DSVC is known for it's publication titled ROUGH. For each publication, a different creative agency is given the task to create a concept and design specifically for that issue. The content consists of essays, images, and other content relevant to the Dallas design community. For this issue, a spring theme was chosen and the entire agency split up the publication and designed their section to sync up with the theme.

Each year the DSVC hosts The Dallas Show. An awards show that celebrates the work of local Dallas and regional design and advertising agencies, photographers, illustrators, broadcast media, etc. 

The concept for the 2013 Dallas Show was "Winning is Forever". As shown in the call-for-entries poster, the iconic Lightbulb Award that is given to all winners, is represented as a tattoo. The concept being that winning at The Dallas Show means recognition forever. This creates a desire for all who enter the show and win, the bragging rights of being one of the chosen few.

The design of the call-for-entries poster, the invitation, and the program were all printed with gold metallic inks to add depth, additional visual interest, and texture to the materials.


A collection of temporary tattoos were designed to sync up with the theme of the tattoo on the award materials. The illustration and design of each temporary tattoo was based off of something associated with the design creative industry, as well as the Dallas Show's Lightbulb Award. Each guest received a collection of the temporary tattoos when they entered the event.


the dallas show: welcome video

A series of bumper videos was created for the awards ceremony.

the dallas show: master of ceremonies video

the dallas show: bronze award winners video

the dallas show: silver award winners video

the dallas show: gold award winners video

the dallas show: judge's choice award winners video

the dallas show: congratulations video

Work done while employed by BRANDCORY.